The newest InnerCore and ModPE IDE for fast and easy coding for Minecraft PE

The winner of an international computer project competition Infomatrix 2018

The winner of the II season of iTalent IT contest


Please, turn off your antivirus. It may cause problems during the installation. If you have any problems with program updates, please, unpack this archive to your installation root.

The beginners always want to know if there is a convenient tool for writing scripts and mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Even professional scripters are always in look for the best integrated development environment to work with. So we decided to write the best IDE for InnerCore, ModPE and CoreEngine!!!

The advantages of NIDE:

  • Simplicity. NIDE allows to easily write and edit code due to the best features of Autocomplete menu, Syntax highlighting and Real-time code validation.
  • Speed. Lots of functions and API’s are already written for you in the form of numerous libraries, so you shouldn’t reinvent the wheel each time you start developing your mod. Also you can create and use custom libraries to make your code more readable.
  • Convenience. All needed tools are in the same place – flexible source code editor, JavaScript console, scripts builder to be able to use several files at the same time and a compressor to reduce the size of mod, .modpkg and resource packs packer, and texture editor with many useful tools.
  • Quality. You will find almost no bugs in the NIDE as it is tested on the development of our own mod, APO Craft, and we fix all found faults immediately.
  • Visualisation. Many processes of development are visualized. For example, you can easily create craft recipes using Craft recipes designer.
  • Support. We are always ready to answer all your questions and examine all your issues with NIDE since the popularity of our IDE depends on its quality.
  • Versatility. This program is convenient for both scripts and modpacks. One of the best features of NIDE is InnerCore and CoreEngine support, and a powerful shell for ModPE with its own API.

Main features:

  • Autocomplete menu and syntax highlighting
  • Code validator
  • Craft recipes and items visual constructor
  • Project system and its packing
  • Sending files to the device via ADB, automatic starting appropriate app and tracking InnerCore logs.
  • Running tests
  • Libraries system

So this program can be used by both beginners and professionals as it has all needed for the best  coding experience ever!