APO Craft

APO Craft – you are not welcome here

[This project is under construction. Any improvements are welcome via pull requests. Current version is always available here]

APO Craft is a science fiction post-apocalyptic mod adding a new dimension, very hard to live in, – a post-apocalyptic city, a lot of different new mobs, bosses, items, blocks, buildings and, of course, machinery.

The player appears in the normal Minecraft world, develops his owning there when once something irreparable happens in the world. Time and space crashes. The player finds himself out in a city, destroyed during the apocalypse. It seems that everything is lost. Decades of angry mobs surround him, every entity tries to kill him, it seems even that the Chaos itself is against him! Player gets to know about the reason for the destruction of the city from different graffitis and tables on the walls of the houses. It is a laboratory called APOAnthropos Protective Organization. Its purpose was to create a cure for all negative that can happen in the world. To test their substances they found out pure Chaos  Unfortunately, the substance disappeared and the city was almost destroyed.

The player wanders in the city with no reason. Somewhere in the ruins he finds some unusual items, collects them but he don’t know what for. If sometimes he dies, he doesn’t lose all; however, it doesn’t help him to survive. He also finds an old book, where the craft of the Stabilizer is described. He gets to know that the Stabilizer is a special machine that helps to stabilize the holes in the time and space. In the end of the book there is some information about a special compass that helps to find the hole.

The player frisks the houses, makes off the mobs or fights against them, looks for some ingredients for the craft recipes… He also notices that he cannot stay somewhere for a long time as the monsters quickly find him, but he also cannot move on very fast since the deeper he goes into the city, the more powerful mobs surround him. The player also looks for utilities, guns, weapons, protection, fixes ones that are broken, learns how to use them, but the city still remains really dangerous. Some angry mobs can break the walls, other ones go through them easily, so the player cannot just enclose himself in a safe place.

In the most rare buildings the most dangerous mobs, bosses, can be found. A boss isn’t easy to kill even with the best equipment from the mod, in every building like this, however, there can be found something to get through with those mobs. Furthermore, the player cannot just ignore the bosses as the drop from them is irreplaceable in the craft of Stabilizer. The most interesting part of the mod is to craft  Stabilizer as it is the most difficult craft recipe in the game. After that, the player should find the hole in the time and space using compass and build the Stabilizer to be able to restore the balance and return home…

The life in a normal world becomes a little bit boring, the inventory is full with some items from the mod but they are as not useful as they were in the city. Suddenly it turns out that the portal between the worlds is still active and the player can move between them and that in the normal world there appeared some other ores and resources… The city becomes a source of different items and in the normal world the player can build a lot of amazing tricks using all those resources.