About us

#mineprogramming – unique information source for everybody who wants to program Minecraft!

So who are we?

Mineprogramming is a new developing project, our purpose is to write programs, mods, scripts and plugins for Minecraft and to develop some tools for other programmers. On this website you can find all needed information about InnerCoreModPE, CoreEngine, PocketMine,  Forge, OpenComputers and other programming systems, permitting to program for Minecraft. Out team now develops itself mostly concerning InnerCore so here you can find everything to start writing your own mods, play Minecraft with numerous other mods, developed by our partners, find information about APO Craft, modification that we develop at the moment, and, of course, the best software to develop InnerCore, ModPE and CoreEngine mods. We use our software, NIDE, ourselves so we are sure that it is a high-quality IDE.

Our projects

NIDE – ModPE Editor PC – the only PC program that is powerful enough to easily write scripts and mods for InnerCore, ModPE and CE (CoreEngine). You can find almost everything in NIDE – from the flexible code editor with code validation to jsRunner module that allows to test the most difficult logic of your mod.

InnerCore Mods – a website where every InnerCore mod developer can post his modifications. The largest library of the modification also provides special API for InnerCore Mod Browser that means that you need just to add this modification to the catalog to see it in the Mod Browser.

GeekCraft – Java Edition servers project. At the moment, one server is available, it is a Hi-Tech server with the elements of anarchy.

RendererTool 3D – a program for creating mob models for your own modifications.

ANIDE – a port of NIDE for Android. The project is under construction and at the moment it is just a code editor with syntax highlighting and autocomplete panel. I hope, the program will grow and in the future it will become a real IDE with the same features as in NIDE.

APO Craft – global modification for Minecraft adding into the game a new dimension, post-apocalyptic city, where the player appears after the time and space crashes. To return home, the player is to craft and build the Stabilizer, a difficult mahite to stabilize the hole in time and space. After returning home, the player can move easily between the two worlds and look for different resources in the city. In the normal world, a lot of interesting ores and other resources appear, so the player can also use them to craft different equipment and machinery.

Mineprogramming wiki – an open wiki concerning programming in Minecraft environment. No comments.

Programming course for children – the best start of your child’s career. It’s much easier and more interesting to program in the game and your child won’t give up the course like he could do with the boring adult courses.