A.P.O. Craft — Short Guide

A.P.O. Craft — Short Guide

To start playing A.P.O. Craft, install this modification from Inner Core‘s Mod Browser or Inner Core Mods website and restart Inner Core. You can also install Industrial Craft 2, Factory Craft Pipes, or any other mod,  if you like.

The next step is to create a new world, and start playing vanilla Minecraft. After a while, the split will occur and you will be thrown to the A.P.O. City. You can also enable «split_on_start» setting to make the split occur just at the moment of creation of the world (that is hardcore, though). A very important thing you should pay attention to is that you have a thirst scale now and should always have some bottles of water with you. You’ll find a lot of different resources in the A.P.O. City, and also a lot of different types of armor and weapons so you should be careful to grab the best items for you.

The main aim of the mod is to craft Stabilizer and all of it’s parts. The Stabilizer structure should consist of the Stabilizer itself, nine radiator blocks below (a square 3*3) and five windings around it

Inside it’s UI you should place all the required components in the following order:

Press forms are used in Plastic and Metal presses to craft some special items and blocks. Drawings are used in the Laser Burner to get PCBs and chips of foiled textolite and silicone crystal respectively. You will usually need to get a Soldering Station, to put a PCB to the slot below, fill in enough solder and place the other components to get the working component. Some components can be crafted in the Crafting Table, others require Assembly Table. The full list of the recipes will be posted as soon as possible.

There is currently an issue with mobs’ hitboxes — if you cannot damage a mob, try to bit it’s legs, or just quit the game and reenter it to have all the hitboxes loaded properly.

If the game becomes too unstable (and unplayable), try to create a new world in Creative game mode and «split-on-start» enabled to have the A.P.O. City generated in the Creative and then switch to Survival by «/gamemode 0» command. There are also some settings that allow you to disable visual effects and though make the game more stable.

All the configuration options are listed below:

  • «debug_mode» — enables debug mode (e.g. builduing editor).
  • «late_recipes_registration» — if set to true (default), new recipes of the mod are registert only during the split.
  • «split_on_start» — if set to true (default false), split occurs at the very beginning of the gameplay,
  • «events» — if set to false, all in-game events are disabled.

It is recommended to quit the game every 15-20 minutes of gameplay to avoid progress loss on crashes. Unfortunately, those crashes cannot be completely avoided, so pay attention not to loose your favourite knife or gun.

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